How Do I Reset My AC

How Do I Reset My AC

When the weather gets hot, it’s important to learn how to properly set up your AC to make sure that you’re staying as cool as possible. But what do you do if you’ve already set up your AC and it isn’t working? What should you do if your thermostat is set up correctly, but your AC still isn’t cooling your home as effectively as you’d like?

Here’s How You Can Reset The AC

  • Shut It Off

First, turn off your AC before you reset the thermostat. Before attempting to fix the thermostat on your own, make sure the thermostat is off.

  • Get The Circuit Breaker

Find your circuit breaker box; you’ll need to look at the breaker label to see which breaker controls your air conditioner. Usually, they are labeled with their purpose, like “AC” or “VACUUM” for electricity that goes to the normal vacuum cleaner. First, make sure that the power to the circuit breaker is turned off.

  • After Turning It Off, Wait For A Full Minute

While heating and cooling systems are in place to keep your home comfortable, they can get out of balance and not turn off when you want them to. For most cooling systems, leaving the air conditioner off for a minute or two will allow it to cool down enough to reset.

  • Turn it Back On

Importance of Resetting The AC

In today’s world, we are moving towards a more digital and connected world. This is good and bad. It is great to be able to stay in contact with people so easily and quickly, but with this digitalization, many of us have forgotten some of the very important things we used to do. We are here to remind you of one of the most important things you should remember. Resetting your air conditioner is something you should do once a month.

Everyone should know how to reset their ac. The ac in your car is a must in the summer heat. But the ac can only do so much when you do not know how to reset it.

No matter how well your air conditioner is built, it’s bound to break down or develop a problem sooner or later. When this happens, it is important to act fast to ensure that your HVAC unit can continue to work properly. You can avoid many problems by having your HVAC unit serviced once every year. Typically, a heating and air conditioning service company will inspect the outside unit and make any necessary repairs or replacements. The technician will then flush the inside unit, which will remove any debris clinging to the coils.

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