Cleaning Air Conditioner Pipes

An air conditioner is the leading household appliance, and this summer, it is very important to clean air conditioner pipes frequently. The pipes will get blocked with sludge and dirt from everyday use, and this will make the air conditioner performance worse. The sludge and dirt will block the air conditioner airflow and will make the room hotter. So, how to clean air conditioner pipes?

Why Do We Need to Clean Air Conditioner Pipes?

Whenever you clean your air conditioner, you need to pay attention to the pipes that run through them. If you have a window or sliding door, you may see them when you look up from your sweaty days, but if you have a wall unit, you may not even notice them. That’s where most people will have a problem.

When air conditioner pipes are clogged or have built up a build-up of debris, the issue is often a stop-gap. The air conditioner will still be functional but at reduced efficiency. The clogged or blocked pipe can also result in the air conditioner struggling to spin faster when needed the most. Typically, the pipes are cleaned by a professional who uses special equipment and a planned regime of cleaning.

Cleaning the AC Pipes

If you’ve got air conditioners in your home, you know how important it is to get air conditioner pipe cleaning done regularly. To prevent mold and mildew from growing outside of air conditioner tubing, it’s important to clean the outside of the tubing every two to three years. This is especially true in areas where the temperature is hot, and humidity is high. However, it’s important to remember that mold and mildew can grow on anything, including the inside of the air conditioner tubing.  

Therefore, you should check inside the air conditioner tubing and clean it every month. Likewise, you should check the outside of the air conditioner tubing and clean it every two to three years. While it’s essential to keep the rest of your ducts in good shape, the main air conditioner pipe must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent blockages.

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