A home repair company was founded by a group of young people with motivation and a desire to make a difference in the field of air conditioner repair. Out of understanding and recognition and the need of many people to receive professional and reliable service and all at a fair and affordable price.
Out of a desire to bring about real change, we are the only company that is committed to providing a quick, professional response and only experienced staff members with a work license with electricity come to your home, office, warehouses and wherever work of repairing air conditioners of all types is required.
We are so confident in the quality of the equipment we work with and the professionalism of our staff that we do not hesitate to give you full responsibility for any work performed.
In addition, in order to provide the best service, we provide you with a Liberty telephone line that is available to you around the clock with any question, immediate arrival for liquidity treatment and emergency damage at any time.
We provide you here on the site with all the information you need to take care of your air conditioner independently, in addition we allow you to contact us and our experts will be happy to answer any question without any obligation on your part.

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